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Artist= Bohemian, Bohemian= Mentally unstable drunkard that does not visit the shower too frequently and tends to live in other world.

Yes that’s it, the most common association that people come up with when they are asked to portray an artistic spirit.

I used to be bothered when people called me that, specially one of my sisters. You know what, not anymore. Actually, nowadays I embrace it to its utmost consequences, to the point that I even wear a pin that reads “BOHEMIAN” just in case someone is not aware that I am a bohemian in the deepest of my heart.

I wake up in the mornings and depending on the weather I approach my day in a certain way. If it is sunny, I smile, jump and act like a loony. if it is rainy, I let my stormy feelings to take the lead and paint crazily, tainting the canvas with my tormented strokes.

Yes I know, you noted that no matter the weather, I act as if I was crazy, but that is one of the other main attributes of being bohemian, the one I embrace the most.

I do shower frequently, about once in a month. I am not a drunkard but I would love to have a flask cane a la Toulouse Lautrec, my birthday is drawing close, so please someone make it happen!