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A couple of months ago I did my first lesson on key phrases that you need to learn in order to be a master of the English language( American version). I thought it was about time to do the second instalment, this one focused on the British indispensable words. Here we go:

Lovely. Everything can be lovely. Dogs, people, houses, weird things. That girl is lovely or gremlins are lovely creatures until you splash them with water.

Oh dear! This marvellous phrase can be used in all sort of situations. Oh dear, is that your boyfriend, yes, I mean the ugly guy? or oh dear, this dessert is wickedly delicious!.

Darling ( Pronounced like d´ahhhling). This is the epitome of the British endearing expression. You can say it either to strangers, acquaintances or even friends and family. Hey darling, can you bring me a pint of Guinness ( said to the waitress) or you are my darling angel ( to your drunk mate, when you have imbibed a little bit too).

Cheers. It can be used to make a toast in your wedding or to say good-bye when you finish a purchase in a shop. I am getting married, cheers! or cheers, these fluffy slippers are awesome! 

– Brilliant! You can actually say this word whenever and wherever you want, it is that kind of incredibly useful word. You might be brilliant but I am fun sized or brilliant, let´s go to sleep.

So, let´s use all the words in one sentence. Oh dear! you are so lovely darling. I had a brilliant idea, let´s go for another beer. Cheers!

And now my friends you are ready to take Britain by storm!