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      Apollo is chasing me. I run, but the god´s nature makes him faster than my exhausted  body. I have no desire of keep running away, I am tired, my muscles no longer sustain my soul. I pledge my dad for his aid ” Help me, Peneus! Open the earth to enclose me, or change my form, which has brought me into this danger!”

After a numbing silence, my skin started to turn into bark, my long tresses of hair are changing,  getting harder, becoming leaves, my arms into branches.

I could not run anymore as my feet were glued to the earth, becoming the roots of my existence. I am no longer Daphne, I am no longer me, I am a laurel tree, bound to be the mainstays of the winners crowns of the past, of the present; of the future.

Ok, no, I am no Daphne, but I spent all morning helping my dad taking the olives from the olive trees that are planted in our home. If you look closer I am almost floating between the leaves, actually I was climbed on to the wall, in my nightdress, like a cat. I have a few scratches, but also a nice tan as in the mean time we are having a wonderful summery weather in Madrid. Well, the story I wrote above, might be, or might be not related to the extended period I spent in the sun.