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It was 6:45 this morning and I was finishing the retouching of an animation that was due today, I know procrastinating is bad, but it is not like you have not ever done it.

Well, I was working when I heard my phone, I thought it was my alarm clock again, she ( her pet name is Lerda, it means idiot in an affectionate way in Spanish) has this stupid habit of not stopping whining and making me feel as if I was getting late or something. Finally after I had connected all the dots in my head, I realised that it was a different melody and someone, my mum, was calling.

This is what I recall:

Mum:- Are you awake darling?

Me:- Yes mum (I have always wanted to say something really clever in response to this kind of rhetorical questions, alas, I am not a mean person, you can call me adorable if you please).

Mum:- So how are you?

Me: I am well, upstairs, in my bedroom.

Mum: Oh ok, so you are awake. Great, you have a coffee in the kitchen.

So, I love my mum. I simply find it impossible not to.