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First of all let me apologise for not having updated in a while. I have been quite busy with my master and with other personal and professional goals I am pursuing right now. If you want to check my progress in the world of 3D Animation please do it in here.

It is almost Christmas. For all of you lucky fellas that are already on vacation, have fun! I am not free until friday so I still have a couple of days filled with ” I wish I was on holiday already” thoughts.

I love Christmas, I have always had. It is one of my favourite times of the year. I love the lights, the good vibes, the happy mood that seems to be infectious, and of course, I do love the delicious food, the moments of pure laziness and simple being with my family and loved ones.

If you need some tips to survive these festivities do not hesitate and check this.

That´s all Folks, MERRY CHRISTMAS!