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Well, as it is traditional in the beginning of a new year, I made a list with all the good intentions for the following 365 days, here we go:

-Smile more. Studies have shown that the more you smile, the more intelligent you become. I always wanted to win a Nobel Prize so I am going to have a full smile plastered on my face 24/7.

-Eat more chocolate. I need this in order to fulfill the first one.

-Exercise more regularly. I suppose I have to compensate the chocolate somehow, don´t I?

– Less procrastinating= more sleep. I know we all love the excitement and the stress that goes in hand with being awake all night working on the project that you have to turn in the next day, but I am really trying not to leave everything for the last minute.

-And again, if I sleep more, I smile more, therefore I conquer the world. MUAHAHA*

*That last thought poured into my head in one of those working-non-sleeping nights, please, do not worry for my sanity, yet.