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I am barely sleeping these days, tis is a fact. I attend my Master classes in the mornings and right afterwards I direct myself to an internship I am doing. When I finish there I go back home to keep working on my master projects.

I feel like I am having an extenuating amorous relationship with my computer. I woke up, shower, and we start our daily affairs. He is overzealous and keeps me glued to its keys for almost twelve hours a day.

Sometimes I love him(  when he decides it is about time to start working properly) sometimes I hate him ( this feeling keeps growing until it reaches its zenith about 10 pm).

I am barely sleeping, I am barely seeing my family and friends. Who said grown-up life was so great?*

* I am sorry for all the negativity but I really miss sleeping. I hope I can remedy this situation as soon as possible and be my chipper and crazy Spaniard-esque self.