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I am currently studying a Master in 3D Animation in which I am learning how to simulate all the special effects that are currently used in films, TV or video games.

My brother-in-law showed me this video the other day and all I can say is that I am simply amazed.

It seems that movies nowadays rely excessively in the FX part, full of CGI, lights, colours, and sometimes forgetting about the plot itself.

Let me use an example, Avatar. In summary  this movie is basically the same story as in Disney´s Pocahontas just with giant, nose-less and strange-looking creatures and a lot more, sometimes too much, special effects.

On the one hand, from the point of view of working possibilities, this continuous rise of the use of 3D Animation its great for me as it opens a lot of doors. On the other hand, I miss the days when special effects were made in a secluded room by a bunch of people using some props as rice, coconuts or a simple stapler and of course, a big dose of creativity.