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Ok. It is about time that I face my demons. I do not take drugs, I do not smoke, I drink occasionally but I do have a problem; with strawberries, I am terribly addicted to them.

Yesterday I was walking from classes to the subway. I have not had the time to have any breakfast so I decided to make a stop in a groceries store near there.

I was quite undecided of what to buy until I saw them. They were sitting there, with a regal appearance, with their rosy cheeks and lustrous leaves. My face lighted up and with a strong step I directed myself to their resting place.

I bought them with a childish eagerness. I wanted to eat them when I got home, but I just could not resist them. They were calling me from their insipid yellow bag. I started eating, relishing each bite. The only way to describe those emotions that passed through my mind was pure and sheer unadulterated happiness.

I even involuntary flirted with and old guy, but that, it is not a story I am so glad to tell.