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It was bound to happen. There is a house two or three blocks from mine that is full of cats. The owner of the house is an old lady devoted to the, in theory, innocent felines. She leaves them water, food and sometimes even tea with pastries.

As you will imagine, there are a lot of cats coming in search of nourishment and company, our street is sometimes full of them, and we even have a small community of suicidal ones that tend to run in front of cars.

Well, some of them are black, and as the saying tells, they bring bad luck. I see them everyday, every morning from the last 15 years. As I was saying, it was bound to happen, all the bad luck has come, all at once.

Last week, I went to renew my identity card, two days, after I lost my wallet. The day after I reported it to the police. Two days ago, my mobile phone was stolen, I went once again to report it to the police, and this morning I went to the police station to renew it again.

So apparently, I have seen too many, not only black  but also, one – eyed cats. It seems that nowadays I spend more time in the police station than in my own house.