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First of all, sorry for the long hiatus, let´s say I´ve been chasing unicorns. Well it has been even longer since I did the last Stupid Things I Did Today post, and this is not because I  have not had the opportunity to do stupid things, because I have, but I just do not want you to believe I am retarded.

So if you remember, a couple of months ago I told you that I am not sleeping enough, well, this situation has not changed that much, therefore, my clumsy by nature self becomes even more clumsy.

The other day I was at the office sipping from my cup of coffee, the 10th or 12th of the day, when a co-worker started to tell a hilarious story.

Before I continue, let me enlighten you about a little detail yo should know. If I am drinking any type of liquid you should not in any type of circumstances, I repeat under in no circumstances, make me laugh. If you do it, is under your responsibility as I tend to spit it out in quite an unladylike manner.

Well, as I was telling, I was drinking coffee and my partner made me laugh pretty hard so I spat everything out.

The result: The screen was completely soaked in coffee, my table too, my coworker´s too and even other coworkers´s desk that is more than a metre away of mine was full of coffee stains.

What I have learned about this episode, if I find myself unemployed I can always turn to spitting contests as it seems I have a bright future in that field.