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Yesterday it was Halloween. Streets were crowded with witches, skeletons and slutty (dead) nurses.

In the past, this was a day to honor the dead, a day in which the tormented souls would escape from their graves and haunt those who made them ill.

Nowadays, tis a day full of pumpkins, cheeky spirit and creative costumes. I thought this post was fitted to include the most funny and outlandish epitaphs ever written:

“Ma loves pa
-Pa loves women
Ma caught pa, with 2 in swimmin
Here lies pa…”
Lawrence L. Cook JR.

“That’s all, folks!”
Mel Blanc (the epitaph is the trademark line of cartoon character Porky Pig, whose voice was provided by Blanc for many years)

“Curiosity did not kill this cat.”
Studs Terkel

“I told you I was sick!”
In a Georgia cemetery

“Here lies
Johny Yeast.
Pardon me
for not rising”
Found in Ruidoso cemetery, New Mexico

“Sir John Strange
Here lies an honest lawyer,
And that is Strange.”
A lawyer’s epitaph in England