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I started this piece almost a year ago, I have just arrived from America, and everything was different. I started it with colours, just colours. Colours that tried to convey how I was feeling. Green, reds, slightly yellowish. Forceful strokes, even angry.

It is painted in a pallet, those used in the construction industry. I liked the idea of turning something that is a mean into an end itself. To change its normal use, to turn it into something beautiful.

Afterwards, almost unconsciously I started to draw a woman with her back turned to me. I do not know, it might be me, it might not. She is there, hanging, standing in an impossible, uncertain, unknown place.

It has been getting dusty in the storage room for far too long.

I am going through a bad moment right now, I feel lost, again. It seems that the more emotional I am, the more I need the feel, an inner call to paint, to write to express myself in strokes.

It is the time to finish it, maybe, afterwards, I am fit to sort my life out.