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COLDIt was cold outside, he was trying to count the snowflakes but his mind was numb, numb from the cold, not even that old blanket he was given the other day could stop the trembling of his fingers. Then he remembered, he was there again, in his luminous office, sipping from a coffee with one sugar, just like he liked it.

It was almost Christmas, he knew it only because Karen his little girl wanted to put a big tree down the yard; but that did not matter, the company merger was almost completed and he could only think of the big commission he was likely to get.

He has lived, breathed for this project since the very moment his boss, aka the old goat, has made him clear that it will grant him a partnership in the firm.

Oh Karen!, she was ten the last time he saw her, tears were running down her freckled cheeks. He could not remember how old she would be by now. 

It was snowing again, and all he could think is that he had lost count on how many flakes have reached the floor in which he was sleeping.