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Well, well, tomorrow, apparently, our world is ending. You know the deal, Mayans, those crazy mesoamerican people predicted the world is ending the 21st of December.

Well, maybe someone has understood it wrong. Nevermind, just in case, I have prepared a kit to survive the last day on earth. It is a very short list, just the most important things you need. Here you have it:

end_of_the_wordl– Chocolate: Why? It is demonstrated that it makes you happy; but not your everyday chocolate, expensive one, the one you need to sell a kidney to pay for it. It is the end of the world, you owe yourself a big piece (bucket) of chocolate. Sugar brings you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, therefore chocolate = happiness.

– Alcohol: Once again, do not think about the hangover next day, you are going to be dead after all!. Have a nice champagne, or rum, or whatever is your drinking preference.

Therefore you will be tipsy, full of sugar and you know what, you won´t even remember anything about a stupid mayan prophecy happening next day!.

Happy End of The World, Folks!