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karl-lagerfeld-dog-skinny-models-humor– Greyhounds would be the stars of the catwalk.

– Black & White attire would be mandatory, dogs cannot see that much color after all.

– If you do not own at least 1000 ties, you can just go and kill yourself.

– White-haired ponytails would be in vogue. Microsoft will change their business to selling hair straighteners.

-Gloves would be the best-selling product in the High Street Stores.

– Marriage between cats and dogs would be legal. Lagerfeld himself has said he would marry his Siamese name Chouppette. The children would probably be furry and would be born with a can of hairspray under their paws.

– Wearing sunglasses at night,and indoors, and in every place, would be the normal and cool thing to do.