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There is a weird phenomenon that has been happening lately every time that I talk to a stranger, no matter the place or the hour, they call me honey. It is my personal pet peeve.

I was having lunch with my grandparents, when the waiter, a middle-age man with a lascivous smile, called me not once, but two times Honey. After we paid, I ran for my life, I did not want to risk being called honey for the third time, my grandpa did not want to run, he was laughing out aloud.

Other day, I went to an official building to register a contract, and it happened again. After talking to 10 different people I was sent to the place where I could actually do the procedure. You would expect seriousness and professional manners for someone working for the government, but alas, once again, I was received with a fair amount of honeys  and a wink by the man who was in charge. I could feel the Hair on the back of my neck bristled.

It happened again, I was cutting my hair, and well, this one was foreseeable. You haven´t cut your hair in a year, right honey? the hairdresser  asked me. Afterwards, she made me pay an obscene amount of money for a simple haircut.

I believe I might have a “call me honey” face. Does anyone have any advise?