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Do you remember how my dog Pipa was becoming a Hipster, well, now she wants to be a song writer. I came across this video by BuzzFeed on how to write a Hipster Rock Anthem in a few and easy steps:

1. Use Hand claps.

2.Lyrics about failed relationships.

3. Yell Hey!

4.Write a repetitive chorus that´s easy to sing along to.

5. Stompy Part!

6. Lyrics about Childhood.

7.Lyrics about fear of Adulthood that gives the Chorus a different meaning.

8. Disco Beat.

9. Super Long Chorus!

10. Wicked guitar solo.

11. Emotional Build.

12. Part that sounds totally different.

13. Jaunty Piano.


And Voilà, you have the perfect Hipster Rock Song.