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Hedwig-costume-harry-potter-have-you-seen-this-wizardLast week I went to a Harry Potter themed Party, I know, we are almost in Christmas and Halloween seems to be far away, but it was a birthday party, and who can resist to put fancy albeit ridiculous costumes on?

I wanted to go as Harry, but my boyfriend told me it was going to be weird if someone asked who his girlfriend was. Whatever, so I decided to prove that I am indeed an artist and created a Hedwig costume.

I took references from this great article: http://anniehpilon.blogspot.com.es/2010/11/my-hedwig-costume.html

I never imagined myself as an owl, but actually it kinda suits me, I might switch jobs and become a messenger, and owl one, of course.
Hedwig-costume-harry-potter-3 Hedwig-costume-harry-potter Hedwig-costume-harry-potter