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furby-all-i-want-for-christmasChristmas is fastly approaching and I would like to share with you my perfect gift: a Furby. I spent a whole semester talking to my friend Caryn in Furby language, people would look at us with funny expressions on their faces, but oh well, we were truly happy.

It is like having a baby without  the nuisance of having to change diapers, they do cry and make weird noises, but they are kinda cute. You can tickle, feed, pet, shake, hug, tilt, or hold your Furby. They react to the world around them and interpret it in different ways creating its own unique personality. You can create a grumpy Furby, or even Yoda-alike one. When they look at you with their big and shiny eyes and say tititi, la, la, la, lá you finally understand what real love is about.

They come in all colours and shapes, just marvellous, so you can create your own mini Furby family and conquer the world. 

P.S: By the way, I am kidding, I would be happy to receive a diamond necklace, nothing too fancy.