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We are in the middle of January and as half of the world population, I decided it was about time to start fulfilling my New Year Resolutions. The first one: Running.

Running is in vogue, it is free, it makes you feel better and obtain the butt of a supermodel (I might be exaggerating a bit in that part).

I have always been a pretty active person, biking, hiking, swimming, but since before Christmas, I believe I have not done any type of physical exercise. So I put my trainers on, my hair on a ponytail, sporty attire, earplugs, motivating music and went for a run in a forest near my house.

The first five minutes were great, I thought to myself, “well, I am not in such bad shape as I thought I would be”, the next two minutes were not as great, I started to hyperventilate, my legs were shaking and I thought I could faint. When I was going to stop, a man, that could perfectly be 100 years old, passed me with a good rhythm and no sweat at all.

It is settled, my new goal is to reach the Turtle Level, my dignity needs it.