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dog-wearing-shoesI was walking by the harbor in Alicante, when I saw this gracious dog, he walked as he owned the place. Head held up high, twinkle on his smile, and cool shoes on his feet. I immediately asked the owner if I could take a picture, as you can see in the image, I was not the only one impressed by this fine specimen. She told me that the shoes were custom-made for the dog, and she had them too, but in human size. Adorable, and funny at its finest.

Who knows, maybe he graces the pages of Dogue soon?dogue-vogue-dog-fashion

Dogs hate having things on their feet, be those things socks, boots, shoes or, as was most likely the case with Jacques Cousteau’s dog, flippers. Unfortunately for dogs, their unwilling shoe-wearing adventures are funny, and some dog owners can’t help but shod and subsequently exploit their unlucky companions, therefore I l leave you with a hilarious compilation of dogs walking in boots, priceless!