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dog-drawing-pencil-stalker-loveI am one of those kind of people, you know, the ones that do not care if they had to cross a five-lane highway if there was a cute dog on the other side.

I cannot help it, I love dogs and every time I see one, I have the urge to pet them.

This is quite a tricky problem, if the equation is as follows, cute guy plus cute dog, brownie points for the guy. On the other hand, if it is creepy guy plus cute dog, well, the creepiness is still there, and it might not be advisable to stare at a creepy guy´s dog, you know; he can do something creepy.

I am a lost cause, I even stare at the ugly ones, the ones that can be considered as hairy rats. I cannot help it, I am A Dog Stalker.